3 Ways Secure File Sharing can Benefit Municipal Governments

Whether you live in a small city or a large metropolis, you’re more than likely represented by a municipal or local government. These groups of elected officials are responsible for making important decisions on bi-laws and city planning, public transportation and other local services. If a local government employs you, you know that your job is reliant on collaboration. In order to make the best decisions for constituents, you must work with individual community members and groups to assess needs and wants. So how do you manage these communications and relationships effectively and securely? 

Here are three ways that secure file sharing can give you the help you need.

Share important documents with ease
Community planning and building requires file sharing. It also needs security to guarantee confidential information remains private. Plans, quotes and everything else that helps a project thrive must be shared amongst many different parties. You might currently rely on couriers or other traditional methods of delivery, but what about when you’re working after hours? You need a way to share files securely and quickly, ensuring you have the ability to meet often tight deadlines with ease. A secure file sharing solution allows you to not only quickly share files, but also guarantees they are protected by top-level security so that they cannot be seen or compromised by outside sources.

Gather community feedback
One of the most important roles of municipal and local governments is taking into account the desires of their constituents. Town halls and community forums are effective methods to foster engagement, but in our increasingly digital age people are also interested in using online channels to weigh in on important topics. If someone is discussing a zoning issue that directly impacts their business, they might be interested in keeping the conversation private. Secure file sharing allows people to raise their concerns in a secure channel, and share documents that illustrate the point they’re trying to make.

Communicate with stakeholders
When you’re working on a large-scale project there are often many stakeholders involved. You need a method to communicate that allows for easy conversation, while also keeping the discussions private. Best of all, if someone wants to include additional support documentation into the conversation, a secure file sharing solution allows them to add in their files with ease.

Secure file sharing solutions are a cost effective way to improve collaboration and efficiency. They’re cheaper and easier to maintain than many on-site installations.

How is your municipal government improving collaboration and efficiency? Let us know in the comments below.

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