TitanFile’s Technology SIG with TLOMA: The Rundown

Posted by Sammi Pun on November 24th, 2017

Secure File Sharing was the last TLOMA Technology SIG of the year and TitanFile is honoured to be chosen as the organizer and presenter of the most sought-after event of the year. The two-hour session gathered a large crowd, leaving no unfilled seats at the event. The lunch and learn, which was sponsored by TitanFile, established […]

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New Feature Alert! Client-side Encryption for iOS

Posted by Sammi Pun on September 27th, 2017

Client-side encryption (CSE) has always been a security feature that is a crowd-pleaser. Its added layer of security, which ensures ownership of encryption keys are in the right hands, is very much loved by our compliance-focused users. With the growing trend of more users going mobile, we have experienced a roadblock – CSE was not […]

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The 2017 Equifax Security Breach: What’s Happened So Far

Posted by Sammi Pun on September 8th, 2017

On Thursday, September 7, Equifax, one of the biggest credit reporting agencies in Canada and the United States, announced in a press release a security breach that compromised the personal information of potentially 143 million U.S. consumers and an unknown number of consumers in Canada and the UK. The company, which holds personal information for […]

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New Features Alert: CSE & SSO Integration and Delegation/ Impersonation Now Available!

Posted by Sammi Pun on August 31st, 2017

This month, we introduce not one, but TWO new features to the platform! The first is the integrated client-side encryption with single sign-on feature, and the second is the delegation (or impersonation) feature. Both features were highly anticipated and highly requested by our clients, and we are excited to make TitanFile more intuitive than ever! Client-side […]

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Phishing: 5 Skills We Need to Combat It in the Modern Age

Posted by Sammi Pun on August 29th, 2017

A few weeks ago, our Director of Business Development received an email from our President and COO. The sender asked if he was going to be in office. When he replied yes, the sender asked him to send a wire transfer to an unknown recipient. Our Director of Business Development suspected phishing. He did a […]

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