How can Online Collaboration and File Sharing Benefit your Organization?

Business isn’t always conducted on paper anymore. Contracts are signed digitally, documents are shared electronically, and quick turnaround times are necessary – rendering the postal service too slow for organizational needs. That’s where online file sharing and collaboration can help. With a dedicated online document management system, you have the power to increase productivity, improve camaraderie, and stretch budgets further.

While the benefits of online collaboration are practically innumerable, here are three great reasons to try it out:

1. Manage your budget  

Collaborating online helps organizations cut down on various administrative costs. At an organization level, cloud computing solutions can often be cheaper than other alternatives as you don’t need to implement an expensive infrastructure. Online collaboration also positively impacts your daily budget. Need to share a document to get feedback?

With online file sharing, you no longer have to courier documents between offices for revisions. Simply upload the document to your online platform, invite your co-workers or clients, and share away. Not only are the fees of the courier system eliminated, so is the waiting game of receiving your documents. This leads us to our next point…

2. Save time

While it’s always important to schedule in-person meetings with business contacts, too many meetings can serve as a time drain. Just getting together to do a quick review of a document? With online file sharing your teammates will have the ability to view the document and share their comments. You can send and receive files immediately, helping you meet tight deadlines and quick turnarounds.

3. Minimize the use of less effective tools

With the right online file sharing system, you can reduce the need for email – a system that is often not secure. Online document collaboration helps you work in real-time with your team, making changes and comments. Online file sharing also helps you keep your files and comments in one organized area saving you from sorting through endless email chains and folders.

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