Posted by Tony Abou-Assaleh on August 18th, 2011

Jay-Z and Kanye West Successfully Prevent Leak of their new Album

Watch the Throne” a collaboration album project between Jay-Z and Kanye West was released last week to the general public.

These two artists managed to grab headlines by accomplishing something that is very hard these days – preventing their album from leaking before the release date. To accomplish this feat, the artists took every precaution, including using everything they’ve learned from past experiences.

Email was cut first. “During Dark Twisted, we realized that no one’s email was secure, whether it was Gmail or .mac or iDisk” says project engineer, Anthony Kilhoffer, who worked with Kanye West on his last album.

Security around the project went further. No part of the project was ever stored online. All the computers had their Wi-Fi connections turned off during recording and the tracks were stored only on password protected hard drives.

These hard drives were then stored in locked briefcases. Most of the leaks do not occur in the studio, but from the journalists who are given the album in order to review it. Other leaks occur in the distribution process.

The album itself has broken the iTunes one-week sales record – selling almost 290,000 copies in the first 7 days post-release.

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