New Feature Alert! Client-side Encryption for iOS

Client-side encryption (CSE) has always been a security feature that is a crowd-pleaser. Its added layer of security, which ensures ownership of encryption keys are in the right hands, is very much loved by our compliance-focused users.

With the growing trend of more users going mobile, we have experienced a roadblock – CSE was not supported on iOS platforms due to the fact that its software did not support a vital component of CSE. Our users were unable to download and view CSE files on their iOS devices, and we are unable to manipulate the iOS platform to resolve it.

However, the most recent update to the iOS platform has since cleared this roadblock. Our development team has jumped on the opportunity to make your CSE files now viewable, downloadable, and saveable on your iOS devices. For devices with iOS 10+, we are now able to provide the security you love with the convenience of using your handheld device.

We are so excited to announce this new update and we are sure our users are going to love it. To see this new feature in action, check out our walkthrough guide here!