New Features Alert: CSE & SSO Integration and Delegation/ Impersonation Now Available!

This month, we introduce not one, but TWO new features to the platform! The first is the integrated client-side encryption with single sign-on feature, and the second is the delegation (or impersonation) feature. Both features were highly anticipated and highly requested by our clients, and we are excited to make TitanFile more intuitive than ever!

Client-side Encryption and Single Sign-On Integration

Client-side encryption and single sign-on individually were already beloved features in TitanFile. Client-side encryption guarantees maximum security to the sender by encrypting files in-browser before they are sent out while retaining ownership of the encryption keys. Single sign-on adds security and convenience to users by allowing them to use their corporate credentials to authenticate into the platform.

The two features combined increases work efficiency for IT operations by simplifying and integrating user management. Enterprise users no longer have to re-authenticate or sign into the TitanFile app after signing into their corporate computers to be able to send files with maximum security. Single sign-on allows users to sign in once with their corporate credentials in their computers and send files seamlessly with TitanFile without having to sign in again.

For IT, this helps defeat the issue of employees using other devices or forgetting their passwords, and it improves centralized control of the firm’s data. For employees, TitanFile now works more seamlessly with their work devices, increasing all around efficiency. Together, the integration makes maximum security very easy and convenient to use.

Delegation/ Impersonation

The Delegation feature does two main things: it allows administrators to access a managed user’s account through their own account and “imitate” them, and it allows the administrator to allow one managed user to “imitate” another. This feature simplifies workflows for the following use cases:

  • An assistant who needs to access a lawyer’s account to retrieve files or documents without the lawyer having to give them their personal username or password
  • Managed users under one subscription who all need to access one shared corporate account
  • Managers who need to retrieve an employee’s files while they are out of office, on leave, or on vacation.

To see how this feature works, check out the follow support articles:

Interested in activating these features?

Please contact your account manager or send an email to To read more about these features, check out our press release on our product update from ILTACON 2017.