TitanFile takes secure document transfer further

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TitanFile takes secure document transfer a step further – In addition to being able to send and track confidential documents securely, TitanFile clients will now be able to collect documents securely as well.

“Our clients are busy professionals who needed a way to allow their clients to drop-off documents securely into their TitanFile account. We listened and gave them just that.” said Milan Vrekic.

TitanFile Secure Deposit Box ties into your company brand well. “For example, let’s say you are a lawyer named Jim Smith and you belong to a company called Smith Law” says Tony Abou-Assaleh and continues, “You will give your clients your custom TitanFile address – smithlaw.titanfile.com , or, you can even put it on your business card, and once your clients visit smithlaw.titanfile.com they will see a custom branded corporate page, listing all the registered employees of Smith Law. The client will select Jim Smith and drop-off the case files securely into Jim’s Secure Deposit Box. It’s that easy.

TitanFile goes a bit further by having the documents scanned for viruses, indexed and organized for you.

Milan Vrekic says that is not where benefits end. “You can search the dropped-off documents by keywords or label them any way you want. It really saves time.

TitanFile offers a 30 day trial with no credit card required at TitanFile.com

For more information contact:
James Creighton
TitanFile Inc.

Tony Abou-Assaleh

President and COO of TitanFile, Tony is a computer scientist, researcher and an ex-Googler with extensive background in information security and team leadership.