Secure File Sharing: The Case for Legal Use

Within the legal realm, distinction is commonly reserved for industry leaders, household names, those with a steady cash flow, or some combination of the three. Without one of these differentiators, attracting new clients and retaining existing ones can prove rather difficult. Less well-known firms must search for new ways to appeal to clientele. Changing the way firms and clients interact is one such method.

The success of many a case is heavily reliant on the disclosure of confidential information. While communication between firm and client could be simplified using online mediums, clients are either reluctant due to knowledge of online threats, or instead opt for consumer-grade services and email. Efficiency or security is forfeited as a result.

To combat these losses, law firms striving to achieve the best results for their clients’ needs must increasingly factor online security into their daily operations. Secure file sharing services address barriers to online data transfer and mitigate client concerns.

Secure file sharing services offer legal firms the ability to retrace the history a file, and facilitate compliance with privacy legislation. Client concerns are laid to rest, knowing that their confidential information is encrypted in transit – information that is at times vital to the success of a case. Consider the increased response times made possible by real-time file transfer, and the shipping costs that are avoided as a result – not to mention bypassing postal strikes, delays, and the dreaded “return to sender”.

Download the full case study to learn more about the legal applications of secure file sharing.

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