Simple external correspondence is vulnerable

This post is a commentary on the article entitled “Chicago law firm faces class-action over data security” that appeared in the Global Legal Post on May 6, 2016.

Privileged client data comes to law firms via many channels:  are they secure?  Even if you have a way to send clients their files by some secure solution, how are you receiving information from them…are they really using your ftp site every time, is their lawyer contacting IT to provision an account in your file sharing solution for every one of his or her clients?  Will an agreement save your reputation if a client sends data via a consumer file sharing solution and it gets into the wrong hands?

It will always be tempting to choose usability over security unless the file sharing solution does everything you want to do as easily as e-mail.  You haven’t plugged the potential leaks if people circumvent the solutions you have in place because they make them less productive and don’t fit their workflow.  For professional correspondence and file sharing between firms and their clients, nothing beats TitanFile for usability and security.