TitanFile gets Digital Security Right!

…Or so says the Financial Post!  On Friday, September 16 the Financial Post, part of the National Post, Canada’s national newspaper based out of Toronto, published ‘TitanFile gets Digital Security Right’.  The publication is very exciting for us and marks a milestone for the company as it is our first piece to be published in a national newspaper.  The article outlines co-founder Milan Vrekic’s path to creating and starting TitanFile Inc. with co-founder Tony Abou-Assaleh.  It then moves on to talk about TitanFile’s recent successes, including the $250k invested into the company by InnovaCorp last month, and finishes with a summary of TitanFile’s short-term and long-term goals.  In case you missed it, you can view the piece online here.

We at TitanFile are thrilled with the recent media attention we have been receiving, both at the local and national level.  As a start-up, this kind of media coverage helps us to reach out into new markets, expand our customer base and establish brand recognition.  Thank you to Quentin Casey at the Financial Post for the great piece, and thank you to the Financial Post for giving us our first opportunity to reach a national audience.

If you are interested in learning more about TitanFile or about covering TitanFile in your publication you can visit our site here or drop us an email at Kelly@titanfile.com.  We also have a PressKit available, which can be accessed at our site’s main page under ‘Help & Support’ (near the bottom of the page).

Mark Dineen

Mark is a veteran tech leader with over ten years experience in compliance and privacy-sensitive application and data management. As TitanFile's CTO, Mark uses his expertise in software design and architecture to turn our roadmap into reality.