TitanFile Just Got Faster

At TitanFile, we’re focused on giving our customers the features they need to get things done quickly and easily. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the latest addition to our arsenal of features: Incremental Loading.

What is Incremental Loading?
Dramatically speeding up the load time of Channels to 2 seconds on a high-speed connection, Incremental Loading loads your most recently accessed Channels. Load times are considerably faster as your browser only works to display what is currently on your screen. Looking to load older Channels? They’ll appear as you scroll down through your list of Active Channels.

The Benefit of Incremental Loading
Incremental Loading is of particular value to our most active subscribers, those who are collaborating across a variety of Channels. In the past, more Channels meant slower load times. With Incremental Loading, subscribers can expect faster load times, increasing their workplace efficiency and ensuring that they have quick access to their files, when they need them.

Stay tuned for more great feature announcements on our blog.

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