TitanFile Presents Secure File Sharing Software to Legal and Insurance Professionals

We were pleased to attend two large events in mid-April to discuss our secure file sharing platform.

From April 12 to 15, we were at the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THiA) Conference in San Francisco.

From April 16 to 18, we attended the American Bar Association (ABA) TECHSHOW in Chicago.

Read below about event highlights:

THiA Annual Conference Recap

It was a pleasure to attend the annual conference, which is now in its 17th year.

Throughout the event, we invited numerous insurance professionals to a private get-together. We were happy to discuss concerns and challenges in their industry.

Three themes about data privacy and security emerged:

  • There is a need, and desire, to safely send important files to individuals across organizational boundaries.
  • There is a similar priority to safely receive confidential documents from clients and other organizations.
  • A document storage platform that emphasizes security is highly sought-after.

Above all, security compliancy is paramount for insurers. They collaborate with clients, lawyers, hospitals, and other institutions. Adhering to established standards is a straightforward route to building secure and efficient business relationships.

TitanFile aims to foster these relationships by offering a secure file sharing solution that meets many industries’ standards.


For the second year in a row, we were pleased to run a successful booth.

Attendees may remember us for hosting Anthony Cook, a balloon artist, and the judge he made.

We generated significant interest. But the highlight for us, and those who were intrigued by TitanFile, was our new browser-based encryption feature, which we officially announced at the show.

It’s an extra layer of security that is supported by all major browsers. Leveraging the power of the new HTML5 Cryptography API standard, a user’s browser will encrypt files before they’re sent through TitanFile.

This form of client-side encryption works without installing or downloading an additional program.

The feature gives legal professionals greater confidence to share sensitive files outside their organizations, with individuals such as clients.

If you’re interested in attending an event to meet the TitanFile team, click here to stay up-to-date with our plans.

We look forward to seeing you!

>>With secure servers in Canada, the U.S., and Europe, TitanFile helps organizations comply with regulatory requirements by keeping shared files private. Contact us today to learn more.

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