Why TitanFile and not a Protected PDF Document

A protected PDF file is as easy to crack as the password that is stored in the document.

Many freely available tools on the internet can extract and reveal this password, removing all protection from the PDF document. Another problem with password protected PDF documents is that nothing prevents an individual from distributing the document further by simply passing along the password together with the file.

TitanFile is the easiest way to protect your PDFs. Documents shared using TitanFile are encrypted while stored on TitanFile servers. You can share the file in a read-only mode where it would be viewable only inside our viewer, preventing any meddling with the document.

If the document is shared in a read-only mode using TitanFile it cannot be downloaded, printed or forwarded. Since you keep control over the document you can disable access to it at any time.

Furthermore, TitanFile will give you a detailed report of when the file was accessed, who accessed it and where it was accessed from.

Since TitanFile is a web based solution, you do not need to spend a lot of money purchasing a Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution or licensing expensive PDF encryption tools. TitanFile allows you to distribute PDF documents securely at a fraction of the cost.

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Tony Abou-Assaleh

President and COO of TitanFile, Tony is a computer scientist, researcher and an ex-Googler with extensive background in information security and team leadership.

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