Client-side Encryption via Hitachi Credeon


TitanFile users have the option of integrating with Credeon Cloud Data Protection. Hitachi Credeon uses client-side encryption to secure your files before they leave your computer. With Hitachi Credeon, you own the keys to decrypt your files, ensuring that no one but you can access your information at any point in time without your authorization. Our client-side encryption provides unique security unmatched by Box, SharePoint, or DropBox. See full data sheet here.

To learn more about how client-side encryption works click here

  • Automatically add military-grade FIPS 140-2/AES256 encryption to files before saving and sharing them in the cloud
  • Automatically encrypt/decrypt. Intuitively access secure files on PC’s and mobiles
  • Manage user access, audit user trails, and more in real-time from anywhere using the web dashboard