Bowles Rice LLP Uses TitanFile to Securely Exchange Confidential Files Across All Practice Areas

“ Once the firm’s users were onboarded, the help desk no longer received support calls from attorneys asking for assistance with file sharing. Just set it and forget it. ”

Scott Ball, Director of IT at Bowles Rice

About Bowles Rice

Bowles Rice is a full service, regional law firm with seven offices in three states and more than 100 lawyers practicing in many areas of the law including litigation, energy, banking, healthcare, education and real estate.

Bowles Rice is committed to providing quality and professionalism in all that it does. By implementing state-of-the-art technology, the firm is able to serve its clients in a time and efficient manner from virtually any location.

Full service US law firm
No. of offices: 7
No. of attorneys: 110
TitanFile client since: 2016
User adoption rate: 100%

The Challenge

Summary of Challenges

  • Attorneys and their support staff could not share files efficiently on their own
  • Existing file sharing solutions were not able to address all use cases
  • The IT helpdesk was heavily burdened by file sharing requests

Bowles Rice attorneys and support staff in each office and/or practice area commonly shared the need to collaborate and exchange files with clients on a regular basis. Depending on the practice area, the nature of the information being shared was different, so each area consequently had its own set of use cases, including sending big PDF documents, folders containing a large number of files, and medical information that required compliance with HIPAA.

Since there wasn’t a standard solution that met the needs of all practice areas, the IT help desk was heavily involved in requests to:

  • Zip folders and upload files on behalf of the attorneys
  • Send large files via secure FTP
  • Onboard clients on how to receive files

The firm knew that in order to continue to provide the highest quality of service to its clients, it needed to find a solution that enabled nontechnical users such as attorneys, support staff, and clients to share files more efficiently.

The Solution

Bowles Rice leveraged the ILTA community to search and compare competitive platforms on the market. The firm selected TitanFile as the winning solution because it was exactly what the firm needed – something that was secure, easy to use, and addressed all file-sharing use cases across the different practice areas at Bowles Rice.

With minimal training, the firm’s attorneys and support staff were able to easily send large files, and even folders that contained thousands of documents. Since TitanFile is HIPAA compliant, medical information and other personally identifiable information (PII) could also be shared with no additional work.

The self-serve experience was replicated for the firm’s clients, who no longer needed complicated instructions and were able to receive files directly, even if they had never seen or used TitanFile before.

“TitanFile just works. Our employees caught on to the solution quicker than anything I’ve worked with over the past 6 and a half years.”

– Alan Digman, Applications Specialist at Bowles Rice

Client Using TitanFile

Highlights of the Winning Solution

  • Easy-to-use, self-serve platform for staff and clients
  • Support for sharing files of all types, sizes, and volumes
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant

The Result

Lawyers and Support Staff

Summary of Results

  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Increased security and privacy for the firm and its clients
  • Improved HIPAA compliance
  • Discontinued use of legacy file sharing solutions

All practice areas at Bowles Rice now confidently rely on TitanFile for all of their secure file sharing needs. The solution has enabled the firm to continue to deliver its promise of providing quality and professionalism to its clients.

The success of the TitanFile deployment was indicated by three things: usability, improved HIPAA compliance, and the discontinuation of legacy solutions.

1) Usability

The firm’s attorneys and support staff now have a solution that allows them to do their job more efficiently. Files – whatever the type, size, or quantity can be shared instantly through TitanFile without any IT intervention.

2) Improved HIPAA compliance

Attorneys and clients are able to confidently exchange medical information and personally identifiable information (PII), knowing that data is encrypted and stored on secure and compliant data centers.

3) The discontinuation of legacy solutions

Bowles Rice no longer dealt with the inconvenience and inefficiencies of zipping files or sharing large files through FTP. Instead, the two are replaced with a robust solution that handles all use cases.

4) Reduced burden on IT

Siskinds staff are now able to send and receive files without contacting the IT helpdesk. As a result, the burden of facilitating file transfers has been lifted from the IT helpdesk, which enabled it to shift focus to more value-added tasks.

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