Higher education relies on secure online file sharing.

Faculties, researchers, and administrators all share documents with each other. Colleges and universities are responsible for protecting sensitive information such as unpublished research material and budget reports.

TitanFile meets both these needs, providing those in higher education with a protected platform to exchange important documents. Perhaps most importantly, TitanFile:

  • Uses algorithms that U.S. government bodies rely on to encrypt and store Top Secret information
  • Features audit logs that track and time-stamp who accesses and gives feedback on files
  • Is more intuitive than in-house sharing services, making it easier to use for beginners and advanced users
  • Lets you protect a library of confidential information with unlimited transfer and storage capacity.
  • Gives you a choice of where your data resides (US/Canada/Europe).
With unlimited storage capacity, TitanFile lets you share, protect and collaborate over libraries of confidential research documents – large or small.

Research Collaboratively

In the world of research, the best results have come from collaboration over shared files.

Thanks to the Internet, researchers are no longer hampered by distance. But now that boundaries have been conquered, what’s the solution for ensuring that the latest big idea remains private until publication?

With TitanFile, researchers have the ability to exchange precious ideas with their counterparts. But they also have the peace of mind in knowing that whatever is said or shared remains private.

All files uploaded and shared through TitanFile are encrypted before they’re stored on our servers. We use the same algorithms and schemes that U.S. government departments and agencies rely on to encrypt and store Top Secret information.

Connect Departments

To be successful, universities and colleges must let faculties and departments freely exchange ideas. Unfortunately, many academic institutions rely on outdated services that don’t promote secure file sharing.

That’s why TitanFile is a valuable platform.

With it, you can create Channels. These are secure online areas that let you share files and discuss them with team members. On top of this, TitanFile features audit logs, which clearly track and time-stamp who accesses your files.

Imagine using a Channel as a member of a scholarship selection committee. You can safely access applications and share feedback about candidates in a central, protected area. You’ll no longer worry about letting information about this confidential process slip.

Easy Adoption

When you share private documents that need a quick response, it’s best to use a platform that’s easy for everyone across your campus.

TitanFile offers a solution designed for both beginners and advanced subscribers, with an intuitive interface and rewarding user experience. It’s easier to use than the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), as well as SSH secure file transfers and on premise file sharing alternatives.

Interested in trying TitanFile for secure and easy document sharing? Get started today.

Download (PDF): Secure File Sharing for Higher Education.