You’re in charge of precious information – documents about personal health. Of course, sharing these files is necessary for solving many medical situations. But protecting them must be just as much of a priority.

How do you balance the need for sharing and security?

HIPAA Compliant File Sharing

TitanFile is document sharing software with unparalleled security, letting you confidently send and receive vital patient files:

  • PIPEDA, HIPAA and HITECH compliant file sharing standards for storing electronic medical records.
  • Features audit logs that track and time-stamp who accesses files with confidential patient information.
  • Provides a solution as easy as email, but secure.
  • Gives you a choice of where your data resides (US/Canada/Europe).
  • Lets you protect a library of confidential information with unlimited transfer and storage capacity.
TitanFile allows you to share patient files confidently with full HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance.

Confident Electronic Medical Record Compliance

Health care organizations face a unique set of regulations that guide privacy policies. In the United States, HIPAA and HITECH both require electronic medical records to be stored and shared in a secure fashion. While in Canada, PIPEDA regulations apply.

With increasing amounts of data breaches, it’s up to you to protect the privacy of patients and clients.

All files uploaded and shared through TitanFile are encrypted before they’re stored on our servers. We use the same algorithms and schemes that U.S. government departments and agencies rely on to encrypt and store Top Secret information.

Why not give valuable health care data the same protection?

Affordable File Sharing Security

On premise file sharing technology-management bills are expensive, but you need a secure way to share your important documents. TitanFile offers top-tier security that, as a cloud solution, can accommodate every price point. Once you’re up and running, there’s no on premise setup or need for security management. This lets your organization flexibly allocate funds to other pressing areas.

After all, it’s better to save money for patient care and research.

Smooth Sharing

You shouldn’t rely on email to share important patient information.

Even if your account is secure, you can’t be sure your recipients use high-quality email security software. What’s more, most consumer-grade file sharing software doesn’t provide the security you need.

That’s why TitanFile lets you smoothly share private documents by letting clients create Channels. These are secure online areas that let you organize files by patient, case, etc. On top of this, TitanFile features audit logs, which clearly track and time-stamp who accesses your files.

Interested in trying TitanFile for secure and easy document sharing? Get started today.