Online document sharing is necessary when employees and offices are scattered across the globe. But geographic boundaries aren’t an excuse to ignore the vital role that confidentiality plays in the day-to-day dealings of HR associates.

Confidential information, such as recruitment documents, must be protected when they’re exchanged.

TitanFile can help, as it:

  • Lets you organize shares files by employee, department , issue, etc.
  • Protects confidential information with unlimited file transfer and storage capacity.
  • Features audit logs that track and time-stamp who accesses any file.
  • Can be set up instantly, with no on-premise installation or need for separate security management .
  • Gives you a choice of where your data resides (US/Canada/Europe).
Safely exchange confidential files with anyone from candidates to executives through TitanFile’s Secure Deposit Box. It’s easy yet protected by algorithms that U.S. government bodies trust to

Recruit Effectively

Confidentiality is key for job hunters and those sharing documents with them. You need a system that protects the privacy of all candidates, ensuring their personal information is safe.

The TitanFile Secure Deposit Box gives organizations a webpage that serves as an online repository, allowing anyone to securely submit files and messages.

Upon arrival at your organization’s Secure Deposit Box, you’ll be prompted to choose a person with whom you wish to share a file. Once you’ve selected the recipient, you can share their résumé and any other supporting documents in one easy upload.

Handle Staff Concerns

All workplace issues would be handled face-to-face in an ideal world, ensuring concerns remain confidential.

But with the rise of telecommuting and employees working in scattered offices, it’s hardly possible. Email is not always secure, especially when it comes to accounts that aren’t properly encrypted. Plus, it’s difficult to find a private place for a phone conversation in a busy office.

With TitanFile, you can create Channels. These are secure areas that let you share files and discuss them with team members. On top of this, TitanFile features audit logs, which clearly track and time-stamp who accesses your files.

Send and Receive with Confidence

Unfortunately, stories about data breaches are common. Even if your email account is secure, the same may not be said about your recipients’ accounts.

That’s why your department needs online file sharing software that protects data. TitanFile provides top-tier security, giving subscribers the same protection approved for U.S. agencies requiring Top Secret clearance.

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