Client Testimonials

To us at Dietrich Law, with gigabytes of information to transmit every day, TitanFile is the best, most reliable and safest solution where internet security, privacy and information costs are concerned. TitanFile is easy to use and is always reliable.
Dietrich Law
George Dietrich
Managing Lawyer at Dietrich Law
We really gauge the success of a product by three main things: reliability, usage and feedback from users. TitanFile has passed all of these metrics with flying colors, and we have been very happy with the solution.
Kevin Larsen
IT Director at Gowling WLG
Simple, secure and stress free file transfer at its best.
Ian Poole
IT Coordinator at Burchells LLP
The TitanFile team has been incredibly resourceful and perfectly responsive at all times. TitanFile is exactly what we needed to grow our business. The move to partner with you and your organization has been one of my better decisions. You know it was a good decision you made in your life or your business when it is hard to remember a time without.
Just Checking
April Monteiro
CEO of Just Checking Resources
The audit tracking in TitanFile is great. I also like that we haven’t had to burn a CD or DVD since we started using TitanFile.
JSS Barristers
Korrie Girvan
Litigation Support Coordinator at JSS Barristers
TitanFile allows our firm to react efficiently and securely to demanding legal document distribution and exchange. Our clients and partners embrace the simplicity of this powerful, protected solution.
Koskie Minsky
Dominic Smith
IT Manager at Koskie Minsky
We have been using TitanFile for a few years both as a secure place to exchange information with clients and to receive documents from the public. The service is easy to use, inexpensive, reliable, and well supported by a friendly, competent technical staff. We like this product.
Nova Scotia
Paul Allen
Executive Director of Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board