Secure file sharing for all industries

Easily connect and share files from any device. Have confidence that TitanFile will keep your privileged information private.

Today’s organizational structure is quickly changing and effective, digital collaboration is becoming a vital element to any successful network. Regardless of distance, TitanFile allows you to easily share private data with your colleagues and clients from any device without having to configure software or install any specialized hardware.


TitanFile provides solutions that help organizations meet strict, industry privacy standards. Internal and external communications are bound by private channels that remain heavily resistant to data security breaches. Put your customers at ease when you establish their confidential information as your priority.


Your organization’s integrity is important to us, and that’s why we take security seriously. All files and communications shared through TitanFile go through a 256-bit SSL connection - one of the most secure forms of encryption available on the market in North America today.


No matter what package you choose,
every TitanFile member has access to the following features:

Unlimited Storage

You can’t put a limit on security - that’s why all TitanFile accounts offer unlimited storage.

Audit Trails

When you’re sharing secure documents you want to know exactly who is viewing your files and when. Protect yourself and clients with a history of what’s happened in each of your sharing Channels.

Support for Large Files

What good is secure file sharing if you can’t upload large files for distribution? That’s why we allow even Basic plan members to upload individual files up to 100 MB in size.