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What is a Secure Document Portal?

A secure document portal is a robust online platform designed to facilitate safe and confidential exchange of sensitive documents. This advanced system employs encryption protocols and authentication measures to ensure that only authorized users can access, upload, or download confidential files.

By opting for a secure document portal, businesses can fortify their data protection strategies, comply with regulatory requirements, and build trust with clients and partners. This not only enhances the overall security posture but also contributes to the seamless and efficient exchange of critical information in a digital era.

Why Choose TitanFile as Your Secure Document Portal?

TitanFile is consistently ranked as the #1 most secure file sharing and messaging platform, coupled with an email-like interface for fast user adoption among your employees and clients.

When you share files through the platform, you’ll have confidence knowing that the files are encrypted in transit and at rest. Only the intended recipients will be able to receive and access the sensitive data being shared.

In addition, TitanFile is a cloud-based application that enables you to access your files from anywhere, and any device with an internet connection.

Other TitanFile features include:

TitanFile CMEK

Custom Branding

Add your logo to your secure document portal to provide a more custom experience for your clients.

Large File Transfers

Reliably upload large files and folders at lightning-fast upload speeds. Transfer gigabytes within minutes.

Unlimited Storage

No need to worry about storage space. You can have as much as you need for your files.

File Access Notifications

Receive a notification via email when your recipients access the files that you share.

Audit Trails

All activity in TitanFile is recorded in audit logs, giving you complete transparency over account activity.

Advanced Folder Capabilities

Create folders and keep your files and messages organized within a single location.

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