Secure Large File Sharing

The problem with large file sharing

Sharing large files securely might be a difficult task with the solutions you have in place today.

  • With email, you’re unable to send large files because you’re restricted by the file size limitations of email servers.
  • Uploading files to a cloud service like Dropbox isn’t a very efficient solution since you would need to juggle between email and your cloud service to accomplish both file sharing and correspondence.
  • Sending large files on a storage device via courier can be dangerous considering that mail gets lost all the time and you’ll never know who ends up with your confidential files. Not to mention the frequent delivery delays and compliance issues.

You want large file sharing to be as fast and easy as possible so that you’re as productive as possible. This is why our clients trust TitanFile for secure large file sharing.

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How TitanFile helps

TitanFile is a secure file sharing platform that allows you to effortlessly exchange large files and messages in a one solution. You’ll benefit from blazing-fast upload speeds (up to 8MB/s) and military-grade encryption while files are in transit and at rest. Upload gigabytes worth of files within minutes!

TitanFile TitanFile also comes with Outlook integration. If you’re already comfortable with using Outlook, you can use TitanFile’s Secure Send add-in to send large files directly from Outlook. The add-in bypasses file attachment size limitations and allows you to upload and send gigabytes worth of data to your recipients without compromising security.

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Other TitanFile Benefits

  • State-of-the-art security
  • Large file sharing and unlimited storage
  • Blazing-fast upload speeds
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Easy client and staff collaboration
  • HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR compliant
  • Outlook integration
  • Amazing customer support

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