Frequently Answered Questions

We want you to get the most out of TitanFile. That’s why we’ll happily address your concerns.

Here’s how we’ve answered questions that users have asked:

TitanFile allows you to securely share any type of file, including word documents, power point slides, and PDFs, with anyone in the world.

That means that you can also upload and exchange your video and audio files as you would share any other type of document.

TitanFile clients enjoy unlimited file size transfers and storage.

No, only people within your organization require a license. Your external contacts are free.

When you add a contact to a Channel, TitanFile will instantly send an email notification to the individual requesting that they verify their email and choose a password to grant them access to your shared files. It will take them less than 60 seconds to get started.

TitanFile will ask your contacts to verify their identity through an instant email notification requiring the contact to enter a password and login to gain access to your shared files.

This will generate a TitanFile account for the contact, and will allow the contact to view and access shared files without always having to verify their identity. These accounts do not have to be paid for. It will take them less than 60 seconds to get started.

The majority of functions between TitanFile on a computer vs. a tablet are identical.

You can upload files from your iPad, Android tablet or Blackberry Playbook. You can download and access your files from all tablet devices.

We are currently developing a native app for tablets. Once this becomes available there will be some additional advantages to using your tablet, including integration with your device’s contact list.

Branding options are available to Professional and Enterprise subscribers. These options allow administrators to upload their company logo to the organization’s TitanFile account, and feature their logo and email signature in all outgoing messages.

See how to do that here

We serve professional clients that primarily share Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoints, and standard images and design files rather than pirated movie sharing. Because these files tend to be small, the cost of storing them isn’t as high.

We wanted to provide our clients with the greatest flexibility and peace of mind. We know that storage and sharing needs change over time. It’s unrealistic to ask people to guess how much storage they will need.

Besides, storage is actually pretty cheap, and it’s getting cheaper. We pass these savings onto you.

All files uploaded and shared through TitanFile are encrypted before being stored on our servers. The file encryption uses algorithms and schemes that have been approved for encrypting and storing classified information up to the Top Secret level by all US government departments and agencies. Our file encryption uses a combination of the AES encryption algorithm and the SHA-512 hashing algorithm. The AES algorithm that we use relies on a 256 bit encryption key, which provides for a much stronger protection than the 128 bit key typically used in commercial and consumer applications

Information sharing and collaboration are integral to organizational success. Cloud computing and online file sharing is a popular choice for many organizations as it is cheaper than installing and maintaining onsite hardware and software.

IT departments are often reluctant to use cloud-based solutions because they are commonly thought to compromise security. In this case, sharing and storage security is our core offering. Our file encryption uses algorithms and schemes that have been approved for encrypting and storing classified information up to the Top Secret level by all US government departments or agencies.

Channels can accommodate a practically limitless number of users. Have you reached your max? Contact us

On occasion, emails from the TitanFile platform can get stuck in a subscriber’s spam filter. There are two main spam filters being used by most organizations, Postini and Mimecast. We have included instructions below for configuring spam filters for these services.

If you do not use one of the following spam filters but are still finding TitanFile emails in your spam folder please add to approved senders list or address book.

Please add to your approved senders list in your Postini junk mail settings. If multiple staff members are having an issue receiving email from, a Postini administrator can add TitanFile to the approved senders list at an organizational level.

If your organization is using Mimecast, please update the Permitted Senders Policy to allow email from Please visit the Mimecast website for an article on how to update your Permitted Senders Policy. There is a possibility that Mimecast is specifically blocking emails from Visit your Blocked Senders Policy to ensure this isn’t the case.

If you are having trouble removing files or folders from a Channel it is usually because you are not authorized. To remove content from a Channel you either have to be

a) the Channel owner or

b) the author of the content

If you do not fit these criteria, you must ask the authorized individual to remove content for you.

Once you add a new user (someone without an existing TitanFile account) to a Channel and send them a file or a message without using Open Access they will receive an email from TitanFile that looks like this:


If they click Access Files they will be taken to a page that shows them what is in the Channel:


All they have to do from this point is to set a personal password and they will be taken to a page where they can login with the credentials they just set. After they login they will only see the Channel where you have shared with them.


We have compiled a quick start tutorial for you to pass on to your external collaborators

To get a TitanFile Secure Deposit Box you first have to have an Enterprise licence. If you already have one, send an email or TitanFile message to along with the following items:

The names and emails of contacts you wish to be included in your Secure Deposit Box. These are going to be people who your clients can send files to within your company. (See left side column in the example below).

A high resolution company logo (preferably in PNG format)

Your email signature, including your phone number, company address, and any other information you wish to include. This information will be used in file notifications sent to your clients.

Once we have your information, your page will be up and running in no time and it will look something like this:


You also have the option of having this Secure Deposit Box embedded into a page on your company website. To learn more about this contact us today.

Unlike some larger, consumer-focused document storage and sharing services, TitanFile focuses exclusively on the needs of professionals concerned with security and compliance. This means we’re well known in certain industries, and growing our presence in others.

We have servers in Canada, the United States, and Europe. You can choose where your data resides. We call it Custom Data Residency.

Depending on your needs, TitanFile can be deployed on-premise – please contact us for more details.

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