Why TitanFile

Data breaches and email leaks are common occurrences. And with dispersed clients, branches, and employees, in-person document sharing isn’t always an option.

That’s why you need a secure and intuitive solution for file sharing.

TitanFile is that solution.

Here are features that set TitanFile apart from the competition:

Trusted Security

When you handle confidential information, you’re responsible for the privacy of everyone involved. That’s why we use algorithms that U.S. Government departments and agencies rely on to encrypt and store Top Secret documents. Our encryption key is 256 bits, in transit and at rest, which provides double the protection of industry-standard 128 bit keys. In short, we give you unparalleled security.

Easy Onboarding

TitanFile is as easy as email, but secure. It also integrates with Microsoft Outlook™. If staff members are struggling with technology, they’ll be more likely to choose unsanctioned applications to share their files. TitanFile’s interface is intuitive, allowing even the newest of tech users to feel comfortable sharing important documents.

Choose Where Your Data Resides

The country where servers that hold your data is located has become an important consideration for organizations concerned about privacy and complying with domestic regulations. TitanFile lets you choose where your data resides with servers in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

On-Premise or in the Cloud

While we’re confident of how well we secure client data in our cloud-based solution, we realize that some organization prefer to keep their data close and on their own servers. If you prefer a customized on-premise solution, we will work with you and your IT team to implement it.

Secure Deposit Box

Does your busy season have you looking for a more effective way to accept documents from clients?

TitanFile’s Secure Deposit Box simplifies your document retrieval process, giving clients the ability to upload their files directly to your organization through a secure system. Best of all, it’s as easy to use as adding an attachment to an email.

Complete Audit Trails

TitanFile features audit logs, which clearly track, time-stamp, and document who accesses your files. This lets you monitor who does what with your most confidential documents.

Protected Sharing

USB devices and other external drives are easy to misplace or steal. On the other hand, email and consumer-grade file sharing services might not be secure.

TitanFile gives you the protection you require and the functionality you need.

Mobile and Portable

Our cross-platform functionality allows you to take your files on the road. TitanFile is accessible on your smart phone and tablets.

Your work doesn’t end when you leave your desk – why should your secure files be any different?

Custom Experience

Different scenarios require different protections. That’s why TitanFile clients can easily and securely share files with unregistered parties. Subscribers can also toggle permissions for who can add and remove users from these secure virtual areas.

Learn the important details about TitanFile by seeing how it applies to your industry.

Interested in learning even more about TitanFile? Contact us today.