TitanFile Use Cases

Discover how our clients integrate TitanFile into their daily operations

  • Canadian File Sharing

To comply with Canadian privacy regulations such as PIPEDA, you’re responsible for the security of how you collect, use, and disclose personal information. You may also want to host your files within the country so that the information is not subject to the laws of another jurisdiction.

TitanFile is a solution that’s 100% PIPEDA compliant and uses certified data centers in Canada.

  • Compliant File Sharing

Increasingly strict privacy laws crack down on the sharing of personal information. Rightfully so, these regulations are in place to protect privacy and reduce the risk of data breaches. Failure to comply will result in fines and other penalties to be imposed on your business.

TitanFile facilitates compliance with government regulations so you don’t have to worry about violating any laws.

  • FTP Client Alternative

For a long time, secure FTP was trusted by many IT professionals as a secure way to transfer files from one network to another. In reality, it’s not as secure and efficient as most people think. There are better solutions out there today.

TitanFile is a solution that replaces FTP and does what FTP cannot.

  • Secure Client Collaboration

As a professional, your clients expect you to protect the confidentiality of their sensitive information, however, they still want a simple and easy way to collaborate with you. When it comes to security, email doesn’t cut it, as files can be intercepted while they’re in transit.

TitanFile is a secure solution that’s as easy to use as email for both you and your clients, resulting securer communication and increased client satisfaction.

  • Secure Large File Sharing

Sharing large files is an issue, especially when it comes to email. Most mailing platform impose an attachment size limit 25MB, which prevents you from sending files bigger than that. Other solutions that support large files may not keep them secure.

Large files aren’t an issue with TitanFile. You can send files of any size at blazing-fast speeds.

  • Workplace Confidentiality

At your workplace, a lot of confidential information gets shared between employees every day and you need a way to protect it from the prying eyes of unauthorized users. Leaks to this information can seriously damage your business; causing losses in revenue, clients, and other unfavorable results.

TitanFile helps you improve confidentiality at the workplace by providing a secure way for employees to collaborate.