Feature: Large File Transfer

TitanFile allows you to send and receive large files at lightning fast speeds. Upload a single large file or thousands of files in a folder structure without the need to zip the folder before uploading.

Depending on your WiFi or internet connection speed, you can reach upload speeds of up to 8MB per second. In other words, you can send gigabytes within minutes!

What makes our upload speeds so quick?

  • Parallel uploads – If you’re uploading multiple files or folders, we open 3 simultaneous connections which helps upload files faster.
  • Chunk Processing – Depending on your account settings, if chunking is enabled on your account (normally on by default) then large files are split into smaller files and uploaded one piece at a time. If your network connection is interrupted during the upload, TitanFile will automatically retry uploading and uploading resumes from the last successful chunk uploaded. This means we don’t have to re-upload the entire file if you’re on a flaky WiFi connection or if your laptop goes to sleep in the middle of an upload.

Upload File Size Limit

By default, your upload file size limit is dependent on your subscription plan, however, it can be increased to virtually any size to meet your business requirements. Contact us for details.

*Supported browsers currently include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Other supported browsers may be introduced in the future.

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