Secure Large File Transfer (LFT)

Send files of any size at blazing-fast upload speeds.

Secure Large file transfers made easy

  • Large file and folder uploads

Instead of inconveniently sharing files through FTP or shipping packages of confidential documents and flash drives in the mail, TitanFile enables you to easily exchange files of all sizes, types, and volumes securely over an encrypted network.

Upload a single large file or thousands of files in a folder structure without the need to zip the folder before uploading. You can use TitanFile to address all secure large file transfer use cases.

  • Fastest upload speeds on the market

TitanFile utilizes parallel uploads and chunk processing to enable you to send gigabytes of data within minutes. Reach upload speeds of up to 150Mbps.

  • Parallel uploads – If you’re uploading multiple files or folders, we open 3 simultaneous connections which help upload files faster.
  • Chunk Processing – Large files are split into smaller files and uploaded one piece at a time.
  • Resume progress during failed uploads

Sometimes internet issues are inevitable. If your network connection is interrupted during an upload, TitanFile will automatically resume uploads from where they failed. This means you won’t have to restart uploads because of a flaky internet connection or if your laptop goes to sleep in the middle of an upload.

  • Automatically send large files

With TitanFile, there’s no need to wait at your computer for large file uploads to finish in order to send. Configure your large files to send automatically as they’re complete.

While large files are being transferred securely, you can grab a coffee ☕.