Secure Submit

The quickest and easiest way to receive files securely.

Features our clients LOVE

  • Secure file delivery to all of your staff members

Whether you have 5 staff members or 500 staff members at your company, Secure Submit is a secure web form that provides a quick, easy, and secure way for your clients and other external parties to share files directly with your team.

All files deposited through Secure Submit are protected with enterprise-grade encryption, giving the senders peace of mind when submitting their sensitive information.

  • Organized file management

Clients no longer need to deliver files to you through courier, email, or in-person drop-off. Instead, you can receive files in one centralized location.

Files received through a Secure Submit web form are automatically organized into their own Channels—which are similar to email threads. Each channel contains the name, email, message, and attached file(s) of the sender so you can spend less time sorting through files and more time being productive.

  • Personalize with your company’s branding

Whether you’re an accounting firm collecting files for tax season or a law firm receiving confidential information during litigation, you can customize your Secure Submit page to align with your company branding.

Secure Submit can also be embedded directly on your website.

How Secure Submit helps YOUR industry


Legal professionals must follow attorney-privilege and cannot risk confidential client information being leaked to unauthorized users.

Law firms trust Secure Submit to securely collect and store files during the different stages of litigation.



During the busy tax season, you get an influx of document submissions from your clients and it’s difficult to stay organized.

Accountants trust Secure Submit to securely receive tax documents from their clients all year round.


Insurance companies often rely on third-party providers for medical transport, and such service requires the exchange of confidential medical records and patient information.

Medical transportation services such as air ambulances and repatriation services trust Secure Submit to securely receive service requests from assistance companies.

Insurance Claims


Regulatory bodies are responsible for governing regulated professions. As part of their process, they frequently collect or receive information from people in their communities.

Regulatory bodies trust Secure Submit to receive confidential forms, complaints, feedback, and other documents.



Confidential patient files are often shared amongst doctors, medical staff, and neighboring hospitals and must stay compliant with data regulations.

Many healthcare professionals trust their Secure Submit to securely receive and store medical documents.



Before proceeding with consultant services, consultants need to collect information from their clients. Often, this information is privileged.

Consultants trust Secure Submit to securely receive work orders and files from their clients.

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