Am Law 200 Firm Marshall Dennehey Standardizes on TitanFile for Enterprise-wide File Sharing

“ The TitanFile team was excellent in ensuring that we had a smooth transition onboarding 1200 employees. When we initially introduced the product to our employees, they found the platform easy to access, easy to use, and reliable. The positive feedback from our staff convinced us that TitanFile was the solution for us. ”

Karen Swift, Director of Information Technology

About Marshall Dennehey

Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin is an Am Law 200 firm with more than 500 attorneys across six states and neighboring jurisdictions devoted to civil defense litigation. For nearly six decades, the firm has successfully weathered changes in the insurance industry, never losing sight of its clients’ needs in the constantly changing market for legal services.

To continue delivering the highest quality of legal representation to its clients, the firm’s leadership team ensures that its attorneys and legal support teams have access to best-in-class technologies, innovative resources, and training.

Am Law 200 Firm
No. of offices: 20
No. of attorneys: 1200
TitanFile client since: 2020
User adoption rate: 100%

The Challenge

Summary of Challenges

  • Staff could not share confidential information on their own
  • IT team was burdened by file-sharing requests
  • There were often delays with sending and receiving information

Being one of the largest civil defense litigation firms in the United States, Marshall Dennehey dealt with many civil lawsuits that required a lot of data to be exchanged everyday. This data ranged from personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), to large production files and confidential corporate data.

While existing file sharing solutions were already in place, the solutions were not intuitive and access to the solutions were limited to the IT help desk. As a result, several challenges became apparent:

  • Legal staff did not have self-serve access to a file sharing solution
  • The IT team was burdened with file sharing requests
  • Delays with sending and receiving information often occurred

Marshall Dennehey saw an opportunity to adopt a modern, HIPAA compliant file sharing solution that would enable legal staff to share large sensitive files on their own while maintaining a high level of security. The goal was to increase staff productivity and reduce the burden on the IT help desk.

The Solution

Marshall Dennehey chose TitanFile as the winning solution. The platform offered a web-based client portal and outlook integration. It was easy to use by attorneys and support staff, did not require ongoing IT support, integrated with the firm’s DMS, and satisfied all of the firm’s security and HIPAA compliance requirements.

TitanFile enabled legal staff to send and receive large content anywhere without the need for IT intervention. External collaborators did not require any onboarding or IT support to use the platform.

In addition to SOC 2 compliance and a robust security program, TitanFile offered state-of-the-art security capabilities including encryption in transit and at rest, granular access controls, audit trails, single sign-on (SSO), and multi-factor authentication. Management, attorneys, and support staff as well as external collaborators, had peace of mind knowing their information was secure at all times.

“It’s really intuitive, our attorneys and staff found it seamless to get started and use it regularly. TitanFile is consistently reliable and when we do large file transfers at all hours of the day, it just works!”

– Lisa Ruane, Manager of Application Services

TitanFile SOC 2 Compliance

Highlights of the Winning Solution

  • Easy-to-use web-based client portal that could be accessed from anywhere, anytime
  • SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA Compliant
  • Support for sharing files of all types, sizes, and volumes

The Result

Lawyers and Support Staff

Summary of Results

  • Increased staff productivity
  • Strong user adoption
  • Positive user feedback
  • High reliability

TitanFile is deployed firmwide at Marshall Dennehey to 1200 staff across the US. All of the firm’s attorneys and support staff have access to a robust file sharing platform that can address all file sharing use cases within the firm’s different practice areas.

The success of the TitanFile deployment was determined by three key factors: increased productivity, strong adoption and positive user feedback, and high reliability.

1) Increased productivity

Attorneys and support staff have realized increased productivity as a result of having self-serve access to TitanFile to collaborate with clients on-demand without the need for IT intervention. 

2) Strong adoption and positive user feedback

With very minimal onboarding, attorneys and support staff across the firm regularly use TitanFile and provide positive feedback. In addition, the IT help desk receives significantly fewer support requests.

3) High reliability

TitanFile is reliable 24/7 with industry-leading uptime, a responsive customer support team, and a dedicated customer success manager.

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