Secure Send

Send emails of any size securely from Outlook™.

Features that make Outlook™ more secure and efficient

  • Encrypt 100% of your emails

With the Secure Send add-in, it’s guaranteed that 100% of your emails are encrypted to all your recipients despite what kind of encryption they have in place. Confidential emails and attachments are protected from unauthorized access while they’re in-transit and at rest so that only you and your recipient will have access.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can send secure emails directly from Outlook™.

  • Send Large File Attachments

Email uses a protocol that was originally intended for sending plaintext-only messages which is why most mailing platforms, including Microsoft Outlook™, impose a file attachment limit of 25MB or less. Chopping up your large files into several pieces and sending multiple emails looks unprofessional.

TitanFile’ Secure Send add-in bypasses the attachment limit in Outlook™ and allows you to send gigabytes worth of files to your recipients.

  • Get proof of delivery and file access notifications

You currently have no way of knowing if your emails were successfully delivered or if the files you sent were even opened.

Secure Send changes this by giving you access to time-stamped audit logs for proof of delivery and sending you notifications when your files are accessed by the recipient.

How Secure Send makes you more productive

Faster turnaround time

You already live in Outlook™ all day long. Now you don’t need to switch to another platform to share files securely with your recipients. You can do it comfortably within Outlook™.


No help from IT needed

You no longer need to ask IT for support when you need to transfer a large file to a client or contact. You can do it yourself— saving you and your IT helpdesk time.

IT Helpdesk

Peace of mind

You work better when you’re not stressed out about security. Secure Send ensures that all your confidential emails and attachments are delivered securely to your recipients.

Stress Free Laptop

Fast attachment upload speeds

Upload file attachments at blazing fast speeds and reduce your overall waiting times. You end up with more time to be productive.

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See how easy it is to share files securely!

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  • Organize files and correspondence by client and subject matter

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