Cybersecurity: A Global Issue

Wherever you live, the news you consume probably has a hearty chunk of regional content. You learn about what’s happening with large businesses in neighboring countries and governmental affairs of nearby locales. In many cases though, the usual news is reflective of your daily experience. Business stories, sports news – they transcend boundaries. Cybersecurity is no different. The problems that plague organizations in North America aren’t so different from the issues occurring in Europe or Australia. While the news may focus on what’s happening in North America, there are developing stories all over the world.

A recent study conducted by McAfee of 500 Australian organizations uncovered that 14% of businesses are unsure as to whether or not they’ve fallen victim of a data breach. Out of those who have been impacted by a breach, 18% said that no one outside of the business was ever alerted. 67% of the time, when a breach occurred no one informed senior management or privacy officers. Stories like this aren’t so different than what you’d see you on your nightly news in America. Breaches are occurring and they’re impacting businesses of different size and sector.

In the UK, a study by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) revealed that 87% of small businesses were impacted by a cyberattack last year – up 10% from the prior year. The same study shared that 93% of large organizations were also targeted in 2012. It seems as though regardless of location or business size everyone has the potential to become a victim.

It’s clear from the two examples that cyber threats are not isolated to a certain industry or location. The impacts of online malicious behavior can be felt around the world. That’s why it’s time to get a dialogue started on cybersecurity. If you haven’t already, begin to get an understanding of how your industry – from a global perspective – is being impacted by online attacks.

Taking preventative measures shouldn’t be limited to conversations being mulled over in monthly meetings. Procedures and policies need to be implemented, and great ideas should be shared.

What do you do to take steps to stay in touch with global security news? Let us know in the comments below.

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