Do your Employees Value Cybersecurity?

If you’re serious about protecting your organization from online attacks, you’ll want to ensure you have a workforce that is committed to recognizing and avoiding cyberthreats. Just like with your favourite sports team, you’re only as strong as your weakest member. If you have one employee who is performing illegal downloads or only loosely following safe email guidelines, you could unknowingly be setting your organization up for an attack.

It may be hard to pinpoint the employees and departments that take the most risks when it comes to online security. That means that everyone should be involved in comprehensive training – including members of your C-Suite. A release from the Wall Street Journal states “an average of 33% of Fortune 500 corporate executives are falling for phishing attacks.” That means that some of the people who are responsible for the most privileged information in your entire organization are the same group who are unknowingly clicking on malicious links and opening fraudulent emails. Although this group may accidentally harm your organization, it can be hard to sell them on the importance of training and understanding the risks. 

That’s why all staff members should attend cybersecurity training to ensure they’re not only up to date on industry-wide cybersecurity trends, but to also provide everyone with items they can take action on to improve their online security. These information sessions should also include training on whatever tools your organization is using to remain protected – such as your secure file sharing platform. Employees who have not been properly trained run the risk of unintentionally harming your organization, so it’s important to nip the issue in the bud.

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How do you ensure that your employees value cyber security? Let us know in the comments below.

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