How a Software Update can Protect your SMB

As a computer user, you know that the stream of software updates is almost never ending. Updates can be a pain, requiring you to close down browser windows and restart your computer at the most inopportune times. While it can seem like a nuisance to stay on top of these notifications, they can often serve as the first line of defense between your business and various online threats.

If you’re working at a small-medium business (SMB) and staying on top of your online updates, congrats! No matter how small the step, you’re being proactive in the protection of your business. The bad news is that you’re unfortunately in the minority.

If you think that clicking ‘ignore’ or ‘remind me later’ on that little update bubble is of little or no consequence for your business – think again. Leaving security systems unpatched is like leaving your business’ front door wide open. You don’t let just anyone access your cash register, so take the same stance with your confidential data and provide adequate protections.

All of these ‘unlocked doors’ online make SMBs an attractive target for cyber criminals. Many people mistakenly believe that cybercrime only impacts large organizations. The truth is that while SMBs don’t have the same high-profile presence as larger organizations, their defenses are often lower – allowing for easier penetration. When you’ve got a small budget and an even smaller IT team it can be hard to ensure that all of the resources necessary for security are in place. That’s why it’s important that you’re extra diligent in protecting the equipment you’ve already got.

When you think about performing online updates, your work computer probably comes to mind first. While these updates generally seem to pop up on your desktop or laptop, don’t forget to update all of your devices that connect to the Internet. This includes your Point of Sale (POS) systems, as well as your mobile devices and tablets. Be diligent and block all online access points to your business.

If you’re interested in escaping the world of updates altogether, a cloud computing option might be in your future. Clouds often require little maintenance, and updates are scheduled and taken care of by your third party provider. This leaves you with more time to think about other aspects of your business – and gives you something better to do than avoid the update button.

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