How TitanFile Further Powers NetDocuments Users

In the fast-paced world of legal technology, where every second counts, using TitanFile alongside the NetDocuments document management system grants powerful capabilities to  legal professionals using both technologies. 

For legal professionals at medium and large law firms, using both TitanFile and NetDocuments has been game changing due to the complementary nature of both solutions and the collective productivity that both solutions can offer when working together.

Productivity During Client Collaboration 

As the technology backbone of a successful law firm is a non-negotiable must-have in this day and age, TitanFile’s key strengths extend the great value that NetDocuments provides; simply by adding exceptional secure file sharing capabilities for large files, at lightning-fast speed and with top-in-class encryption and security. 

Over and over again, our clients who use both NetDocuments and TitanFile consistently report that the Ease of Use of TitanFile is unparalleled and extends the capabilities for sharing large files without compromising security or productivity. 

Truly limitless capabilities

When utilizing TitanFile, storage space is not a concern. Whether you’re bringing in discovery documents, deposition transcripts, and other sizable files from NetDocuments, you can trust that TitanFile provides unlimited secure storage to accommodate the file transfer. This feature was specifically crafted to cater to the flexibility in storage that our clients often deem essential. They appreciate employing it as a dependable and trusted storage extension while maintaining NetDocuments as their primary data repository.

Paying more for storing more hasn’t been a model that our clients favored in the past, hence the design and development of this key feature.

The Power of Drag-and-Drop

In the legal tech landscape, time is money, and TitanFile recognizes the importance of simplifying complex processes. The drag-and-drop functionality –currently available through third party integrations and Microsoft Outlook– takes center stage, offering a revolutionary approach to file management that resonates with IT professionals seeking to optimize workflows.

Simplifying File Transfer:

  • Seamless Uploads: Legal professionals using both NetDocuments and TitanFile can now effortlessly export files from NetDocuments to TitanFile, making it quite simple to utilize the functionality of both systems with minimal friction.
  • Efficient Downloads: Similarly, using TitanFile with NetDocuments, empowers users to seamlessly export files from TitanFile to NetDocuments, streamlining the entire file transfer process. The result is a more intuitive workflow that saves considerable time –given TitanFile’s lightning fast speeds– and reduces the risk of errors associated with manual tasks.

Redefining User Experience

In the realm of legal technology, user experience is paramount. TitanFile, like NetDocuments, focuses on simplicity without sacrificing functionality.

User-Centric Design:

  • Intuitive Interface: The user interface is designed with legal professionals in mind, ensuring a fluid experience that aligns seamlessly with their workflows.
  • Faster Adoption Rates: The simplicity of the integration means faster adoption rates among legal professionals, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and collaboration across the firm.

Transforming Legal Workflows with one goal in mind: multiplied productivity 

For IT professionals steering the technology infrastructure of medium and large law firms, using TitanFile alongside NetDocuments has been a game changer for hundreds of TitanFile’s clients and tens of thousands of its users who simply reported significantly higher productivity.

In a world where every click matters, using both TitanFile and NetDocuments has been described by one of our client’s CIO’s as “a symphony that resonates with IT professionals, transforming legal collaboration into a seamless, intuitive and painless experience.”