How to Develop an Online Security Policy

Before we dig in too deep, let’s start this blog post off with two questions:

1. Does your organization include staff members that access the Internet?  (Sure, you’re probably laughing at me now thinking ‘of course!’)

Time for the second question.

2. Do you have an online security policy? (Hopefully those laughs haven’t turned in to an awkward silence.)

If your company has staff members that access the Internet, you need a security policy. Much the same as a human resource policy can dictate office conduct standards; a security policy provides clear rules on what’s expected of employees online and their use of organization-owned devices. Regardless if your workplace is populated by digital natives or those with limited technological experience, there needs to be standards in place that mitigate the risk of staff members becoming a liability.

It’s important to remember that while security policies are not one size fits all, there are a few common themes to consider. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

1. Use plain language

Security policies need to be accessible to everyone, not just your IT team. If you get too technical you’re going to lose some of your audience – perhaps the people that may need the guidelines the most.

2. Delivery matters

Share your online security policy with your staff in a variety of formats, including paper and electronic copies. Giving multiple access points ensures your security policy is physically easy to access.

3. Mobile security

If your business issues mobile devices, don’t forget to include guidelines on this in your security policy. Taking a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach? Consider developing a separate policy. We’ve got a blog post that will help you get started on a BYOD policy for your organization.

4. Spread your message

Once your policy is complete, take the time to create awareness within your office. Whether this happens in one-on-one sessions, or a group setting, your employees have to know where expectations lie. Most importantly, always remind your staff they are an integral component of your security policy and that you value their efforts.

Interested in learning more about creating an online security policy? Download our ebook today to learn more about what to include in your security policy.

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