New Feature Alert: Folder Upload Feature Now Available

TitanFile’s Folder Upload feature is officially available in beta!

The Folder Upload feature is a convenient tool that lets you upload whole folders directly from your computer into TitanFile, making file transfer and sending information easier than ever. TitanFile’s Folder Upload feature lets you organize your files and upload even more data at once all with the same TitanFile-grade security and TitanFile-grade speed. Just upload and send!

Folder Upload requires no downloads. It also does not use Flash or Java, both of which pose a security threat to some firms. Our unique, one of a kind, HTML-based Folder Upload technology guarantees that your data is secure each and every single time without jeopardizing your ease of use.

Featured Questions

If I upload a folder with the same name as another folder in my files panel, what happens?

TitanFile never overwrites or erases your personal data. Instead, our program will create a “revision”. Although the new folder will replace the old folder, the old folder can still be accessed by looking through “revisions” of the folder of the same name. For more information, check out our Support article on “Revisions” here.

What browsers is this feature available on?

TitanFile’s Folder Upload feature is currently available only on Google Chrome and Firefox. This is because these two browsers both support our unique HTML-based Folder Upload technology, which is integral in ensuring data security with every file you upload. However, as more browsers remove limitations over time through their updates, this feature will row out to more browsers to make it convenient for everyone to upload folders.

How do I get to try the beta mode of this new feature?

Contact your account manager or have your account administrator send an email to with a request to have it activated.

Want to see it in action? Check out our preview video here: