New Feature Alert: Usage Reports Now Available

Announcing the Usage Report feature!

The Usage Report feature is the one-step tracking tool that provides you with accurate user data perfect for conducting user analysis, calculating return on investment, tracking the adoption of the service, and more. Get it implemented today to start discovering trends and patterns in your firm’s app usage all with one feature.

What is the Usage Report feature?

The Usage Report feature provides our enterprise clients with a data sheet with user data, such as number of files sent, number of files received, who is using the app, and which departments are using the app, for specified time frame the client requests.
The Usage Report feature can be used for the following purposes:

  • Tracking how employees and departments use the TitanFile app
  • Calculating the size and number of files being transferred and received by the firm
  • Conducting a return on investment or value assessment report on implementing the app
  • Tracking adoption of the app and identifying problem areas and bottlenecks
  • Conducting an accurate user analysis of the TitanFile app within the firm

How do I get this feature?

The usage report feature is currently available by request. Please contact your account manager if you would like to activate this feature.