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As a law firm, your reputation depends on delivering top-level legal services to your clients. This includes the way you communicate and share files with them. While email is a traditional method that is easy to use, it’s not optimal for security and it makes the files shared between you and your clients prone to leaks. With a secure file sharing solution in place, you can put these privacy and security concerns at rest.

Here are 6 features that make TitanFile the Secure File Sharing and Collaboration solution every law firm needs:

1. Military-Grade Security

A leakage of confidential client information is the last thing you want to happen. Your secure file sharing solution should offer the best encryption to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

TitanFile is partnered with Hitachi Solutions America and its Credeon Cloud Data Protection service to encrypt files with AES-256 bit encryption while they’re in-transit and at-rest. With zero-knowledge technology, only you and your client will have access to the keys to decrypt files, making it impossible for confidential files to be leaked. Even we won’t be able to decrypt your files.

2. Simplicity

Your secure file sharing solution should be simple to use for both your employees and your clients. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops just to share messages or files back and forth with your clients. The best file sharing solutions are ones that can be easily adopted by anyone who’s using it for the first time.

With TitanFile, your employees and clients can get set up in under 60 seconds and start collaborating and sharing files right away. It’s as simple to use as email.

3. Easy Accessibility

When it comes to handling legal issues for your clients, everything is time sensitive. A moment of wasted time could be spent on a more important matter associated with your cases.

You should have access to your secure file sharing platform in your office and on the go using your mobile devices and that’s why TitanFile is available for you to use anywhere that has internet access. It takes seconds to access our app and start formulating your messages.

4. Organization

With regular email platforms, it’s difficult to stay organized when navigating through emails is so troublesome. Often, you’ll even find yourself with multiple copies of the same file on your computer. Your file sharing solution should help you store files and keep them organized so you can avoid these problems.

The TitanFile solution allows its users to upload individual files or entire folder structures to keep files organized the way they’re supposed to be. Additionally, our app provides audit logs which helps you track account activities including when files are accessed and by whom.

5. Large File Transfer Capability

Email platforms have a file-size limit (25MB for GMail and 10MB for Outlook) which can be restricting if you need to share larger files.

TitanFile doesn’t have any limitations and allows you to send files of any size. You’ll even receive upload speeds of up to 8MB which is significantly quicker when compared to other file sharing solutions!

6. Individual or Group Collaboration

For a majority of cases, you’ll likely to be dealing with individual clients. However, there are cases where you’ll have to communicate with a group that may include your clients, opposing counsel, co-counsel, and other partners.

Whatever the situation may be, TitanFile is flexible and allows you to create separate channels and organize them by client, case, or the matter at hand. You can add as many users to a channel as you’d like.

We really gauge the success of a product by three main things: reliability, usage, and feedback from users. TitanFile has passed all of these metrics with flying colors.”

– Kevin Larsen, IT Manager, Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP

View the case study of how Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP adopts TitanFile in their operations:

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