3 Benefits of Secure File Sharing with Clients

What is Secure File Sharing?

Secure file sharing is the process of sharing files using a method that preserves the confidentiality of the data while it’s in transit from one system to another. Only the intended individuals will have access to the data you share.

Why is secure file sharing with clients important?

A secure file sharing system can help protect your clients’ sensitive information and your law firm. In addition to an upgrade in security, here are a few other ways secure file sharing can benefit your firm:

1. Higher Client Acquisition Rates

Many professional service providers still use letter mail, CDs, flash drives, and portable hard drives to share files with their clients; all of which are file sharing methods that should be avoided. These types of file sharing methods simply do not keep confidential information secure.

With privacy being a growing concern, clients are demanding securer forms of communication with their lawyers and expect nothing less. Businesses and individuals are significantly more likely to work with service providers that they can trust.

If your organization has a secure file sharing system already in place, you will have a competitive advantage against your competition. From the start, your clients will know that they can rely on you to keep their information secure.

From a compliance perspective, many prospects won’t even give you a chance if you don’t have a file sharing system in place that is compliant with industry standards such as ISO 27001, SOC-2, HIPAA, or PIPEDA.

2. Tragedy Prevention

There’s a reason why confidential information needs to remain confidential. As a business, you likely have financial details and business secrets you need to protect. You also want to ensure that none of your clients’ data is ever leaked to the public.

If your business is responsible for a confidential data leak due to poor security practices, tragic life-changing events are bound to happen to your client and anyone else who’s involved. Your business can suffer from a damaged reputation, loss of business, and increased difficulty in acquiring new clients. Not to mention monetary losses from damage mitigation and lawsuits coming your way. The road to recovery will be extremely grim.

Sharing files securely with your clients will greatly decrease the likelihood of a confidential information leak ever happening in the first place. This is because a secure file sharing solution will encrypt your confidential information, keeping it protected at all times.

When files are encrypted, even if they were intercepted by an unauthorized party (hacker), they will not be able to do anything with the ciphered data.

3. Peace of mind

It’s easier to operate your business when you don’t need to constantly worry about security. When you use a non-secure method to share confidential files with your clients, you may feel uneasiness stemming from knowing that you should have a secure solution in place but do not.

This uneasiness may lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety, which often isn’t something you can afford to endure in a high-paced environment where deadlines need to be met.

On the other hand, having a secure file sharing solution in place not only gives you and your clients peace of mind, but it also enables you to work more effectively by sharing confidential information more quickly.

How to share files securely with clients

Many companies have chosen TitanFile as their all-in-one secure file sharing platform. Not only is TitanFile the highest-ranked secure file sharing solution on the market, but it’s also as easy to use as email for both your staff and your clients.

With TitanFile, you benefit from protecting confidential information through encryption in-transit and at-rest. The platform also complies with industry standards such as ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR.

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