3 Benefits of Secure File Sharing with Clients

What is Secure File Sharing?

Secure file sharing is the sharing of data by use of a secure method to prevent unauthorized access. It typically involves the encryption of files.

A secure file sharing system can help protect your clients’ sensitive information and your law firm. In addition to an upgrade in security, here are a few other ways secure file sharing can benefit your firm:

1. Higher Client Acquisition Rates

With privacy being a growing concern, clients are demanding securer forms of communication with their lawyers and expect nothing less. Too much is on the line.

Considering that many law firms are still using traditional, non-secure methods such as letter mail, CDs, flash drives, and portable hard drives to share files with their clients, your firm will certainly stand out for having a secure file sharing system in place. You can use it to gain a competitive edge when seeking new clients.

2. Tragedy Prevention

If a confidential file leak ever occurs, tragic life-changing events are bound to happen to your client and anyone else who’s involved. Your law firm may also suffer a damaged reputation, a loss of clients, and an increased difficulty in acquiring new clients. Not to mention a few lawsuits might come your way.

Sharing files securely will greatly decrease the likelihood of a confidential information leak ever happening in the first place.

3. Peace of mind

It’s easier to operate your law firm when security isn’t a huge concern.

When you use a non-secure method to share confidential files with your clients, you may feel an undying fear of files being leaked. This may lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety, which often isn’t something you can afford to endure in an environment that requires 100% of your cognitive presence at all times.

Both your staff, yourself, and your clients will have peace of mind with a secure file sharing solution in place.

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