The Best Client Portal Software for Accountants in 2024

As an accountant, you’re continuously searching for ways to keep your clients’ data secure while simultaneously improving workflows. Unfortunately, due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, some challenges many firms continue to face today are reduced in-person contact with clients and remote work while maintaining security. This has led to “client portal software” becoming a hot topic of conversation in the world of accounting for its ability to assist with more seamless workflows, communication, and file transferring virtually.

Now, the challenge is deciding on the best platform for your business. This article lays down the best online client portals based on your business needs.

What is a secure client portal?

Client Portal Software Client portals are cloud-based software that enables accountants and clients to securely exchange confidential information, collaborate on files, and effectively communicate. Accountants, Lawyers, and Governments alike use them for their everyday needs. In the era of remote work, having a secure client portal is the most efficient tool for ensuring client relations are managed securely and easily online.

There are thousands of file-sharing solutions available on the market today. As a business professional, it’s time-consuming to conduct a comparative analysis to decide which one works best for you. Luckily, we did that for you.

Here are the best client portal software for you to choose from in 2024:

Best Client Portal Software in 2024

1. TitanFile

TitanFile TitanFile is an award-winning, SOC-2 compliant, secure file-sharing and client collaboration platform that performs as a “One-stop shop” for accounting firms of all sizes. Accountants can communicate with their clients in-app, send and receive large files, and securely manage and track their progress all in one centralized location.

Client portal software was created for the user to have more control, meaning less time spent with customer service and more time for collaborating, file transferring, and productivity. TitanFile created its platform with the user’s experience in mind. Unlike Dropbox, TitanFile has customer-managed encryption keys. No one except you can access your data, making it less susceptible to breaches.

As well, TitanFile has multiple app integrations, including Outlook, so documents sent via email will be encrypted before you even press send. Email is an outdated method of file transfer for many accounting professionals due to security issues and file attachment size, but now, that’s no longer a concern.

Plans can also be customized to fit your business needs; whether it’s a solo account to keep tax documents protected, small-medium firms, or 100+ users, TitanFile has the plan to satisfy your requirements. With key features such as DocuSign, Audit logs, and Canada, US, and EU compliance standards for data residency and secure data sharing and storage, there’s really no better solution on the market today.

Don’t let complex software slow you down. With TitanFile, enjoy seamless, secure client communication. Get started with TitanFile for free!

2. Huddle

Secure File Sharing Huddle is a cloud-based collaboration software for Enterprises. Current users range from accounting, engineering, and marketing professionals. Huddle’s file-sharing capabilities enhance its client’s professional image by providing a more collaborative and transparent way of working. The key features of their client portal include audit trails, where users can view the timestamp of when files and messages are received and/or opened, and security.

Fun fact, Huddle was the first SaaS collaboration company to achieve FedRAMP ATO in the United States. Much like other solutions, Huddle’s security practices are compliant with HIPAA (Canada) and GDPR.

Overall, it is a solid client portal software in the market, however, if you are interested in creating a solo or small-medium business account, their plans may not cater to your needs. With a requirement of a minimum of twenty-five users for plus plans, other solutions in this list may be worth looking into.

3. Citrix Sharefile

Client Portal File Sharing Sharefile by Citrix is a content collaboration and file-sharing platform for small and large businesses. The software is designed for accountants, legal, healthcare, and finance firms. Their secure client portal features security, including password protection and device lock, and flexible storage.

If you are distrusting of new technology and do not like the idea of your data floating in the cloud, Sharefile offers on-premise storage for your data. Otherwise, cloud-based storage or encrypting data with your own keys is also available.

Due to the advanced nature of Sharefile’s interface, there may be a learning curve for new users. If you are not technologically savvy and prefer a more simplistic, easy-to-navigate platform, you may require another solution with just as much capability and less complexity.

4. Dropbox for Business

Cloud File Sharing Dropbox for Business is a file sharing and cloud storage solution made for IT standards. A product of Dropbox, their client portal software helps Fortune 500 companies and creatives alike meet their collaboration needs via fast file transferring, task management systems, and leading communication tools, such as integration with Zoom and Slack.

Compared to Sharefile, Dropbox for business has hundreds of third-party app integrations available so you never have to leave the platform, fostering a more seamless work experience.

However, if you are less interested in in-app integration and more focused on client portal software that has top-tier security, then you may want to consider other options. Although Dropbox for Business has 256-bit AES encryption like other solutions (i.e. TitanFile), Dropbox for business possesses the encryption key which grants them access to your data. If you want the most secure client portal to manage your confidential documents, keep reading.

5. FileCloud

Cloud File Sharing FileCloud is a secure file-sharing and syncing platform for Enterprises. Universities, Accounting, and Legal firms alike use their services for their everyday needs. Similar to Sharefile, users can host this software on public and private providers, and on-premise servers. Storage capabilities also synchronize on-premise and cloud-based storage for your data.

The platform syncs across all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices making it a great solution for busy professionals who need access to their data anywhere and anytime.

However great their capabilities are, if you need a secure client portal that is optimized for external clients to use, this solution may be worth re-considering. Compared to other solutions, FileCloud grants limited access to tools for external clients. Client portals for accountants, such as TitanFile, offer free client accounts with two-factor authentication and data retention, so client collaboration is made easy and secure. Therefore, if you require an online client portal that serves the best interest of you and external clients, you may need to look elsewhere.


Client portal platforms are very beneficial to the success of your business. Utilizing user-focused software allows for easy and secure file transfers, collaboration tools, and auditing so you can spend less time with customer service and more time being productive. Deciding on the right platform for you is a difficult decision considering how many options there are online.

Hopefully, this comprehensive list of the most notable client portal software in 2024 has given you the knowledge and resources to create a more productive, optimized, and rewarding business year.