TitanFile Featured in Innovation Report

When we first started TitanFile, our goal was to create an innovative file sharing platform for business professionals. We’ve come a long way since then. But we always cherish our first learning experiences.

Recently, we had the honour of sharing insights and memories from our early days with The Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for Business Innovation (CBI).
The CBI’s main goal is to spur Canadian businesses to create original products and services. We wholeheartedly support this cause, as the conference board points out that Canada lags behind 16 international peers in terms of innovation.

We hope our contribution to the CBI’s newest report helps other start-ups innovate.

Click here to read “Approaches to Innovation Management: Innovation and Canadian Business Survey, 2014.

We’re proud of the unique software we’ve built, and hope a growing number of Canadian businesses can say the same. Contact us today to try TitanFile.