TitanFile Features and Product Updates Released in 2023

In 2023, TitanFile continued to lead the way in innovation by being attentive to client feedback and integrating useful features throughout the file sharing platform.

Below, you’ll find a curation of the new TitanFile new features and other product updates in 2023.

New Features and Enhancements

Email Notification PINS for External Contacts

When an external contact receives information via TitanFile for the first time, they are required to enter a unique PIN to authenticate into their account. This PIN prevents unauthorized actors from accessing their confidential information. Learn more.

Last Login Alert

When you log into TitanFile, you will see a “Last login” banner. This will enable you to detect any potential unauthorized access on your account. Learn more.

Bulk Add Contacts to a Channel

Instead of manually adding each contact individually to a channel, you can now add multiple contacts at a time by importing a list. Learn more.

Configure Default Channel View

By default, when you expand a channel, you’ll be automatically brought to the Conversation tab. You can now set the Files tab as the default tab within the channel’s settings. Learn more.

Manage Channels Tab

Manage Channels makes it simpler for subscription administrators to manage channels by enabling them to:

  • Delegate into any channel as the channel owner
  • Set or change channel expiry dates
  • Restore deleted / expired channels
  • Search for channels

Learn more.

Change Default Channel Sorting

You can now adjust the view of your active channels according to your preferences by sorting them by:

  • Last Activity Date
  • Alphabetically
  • Created Date
  • Unread
  • Starred Channels

Learn more.