TitanFile’s New Enterprise Solution Hits the Streets

Today marks a special day for TitanFile – it’s the first day our innovative product is released to the enterprise market. With new and updated features to enhance external collaboration and simplify compliance – our enterprise solution is going to be big.

The whole team worked incredibly hard to make this vision a reality. Special thanks go out to tech gurus Mark Dineen and Titus Soporan for developing one of the best packages TitanFile has ever seen.

Unavoidably, the first day is bound to be a little rocky and, as Murphy’s Law goes – everything that can go wrong – will. Nevertheless, TitanFile’s dedicated team will continue striving to deliver the highest level of customer support and service – working together to come up with clear, effective solutions.


We started our journey in 2011 on the East Coast and somehow along the way we ended up in Waterloo, ON. Communitech welcomed TitanFile with open arms and gave us an environment that would support us and help us grow.

Already being well received, the new enterprise solution is a glimpse into TitanFile’s future. We are looking forward to it – there are great things to come.

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