We Care About Customer Service and Support

Customer service is a top priority at TitanFile – that’s why it’s our goal to provide an optimal experience for all subscribers.

We pride ourselves on the fact that as a platform, TitanFile is very easy to adopt. That means that many, if not most of our customers, expand their licenses over time. We not only benefit from this by retaining customers and them spreading the good word outside their organizations – we also grow within organizations when people adopt our platform after hearing positive things from their co-workers who already use TitanFile.

Of course, a great product helps in this, but backing that up with service is critical. We take service very seriously and we have invested in it.

Here’s a few ways we make support experiences as fast and helpful as possible:

  • We have a dedicated support portal (support.titanfile.com) that helps customers find answers to questions without having to pick up the phone or send an email
  • We create video tutorials (watch them here) to help customers with problems they may encounter
  • We receive and respond to customer support requests via email, phone, social media, form submissions on the website, click to chat and also from within the TitanFile platform. You choose the most convenient way to interact with us and we’ll help you from there
  • We use special software to manage all our customer service inquiries. Not only does this help ensure that we respond quickly, but it also makes sure that if you are still experiencing an issue after speaking with us, when you reach out again we have a full record of what was tried previously so we aren’t wasting your time repeating the same questions
  • We track and report on what issues customers experience most often (and what features they are requesting). Instead of guessing what we think should be worked on by our development team, we use this information to proactively improve the platform
  • Every member of our leadership team takes and responds to support requests
  • Over half our staff man our click to chat program during business hours to ensure we respond within seconds when a customer has a problem

It isn’t just about fixing things that are broken either. With our team, including developers, so engaged, we can often roll out feature requests very quickly. In the past month there were two occasions when we made platform improvements based on customer feature requests within two days of them being made.

As a technology company, we’re used to dealing with other SaaS vendors. When it comes to customer service our goal is to try and exceed the expectations we have of the companies we rely on.

What makes a support experience great for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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