TitanFile is the “One-stop Shop” for All of Siskinds’ Secure File-sharing Needs

“If you’re looking for a secure file sharing solution with self-serve capability and a focus towards increasing the agility of the business, TitanFile ticks those boxes.”

Steven Mueller, CIO at Siskinds

About Siskinds

Siskinds, a leading full-service law firm founded in 1932 has grown to a team of over 250 legal professionals across 4 offices.

By seeking innovation in state-of-the-art technologies, Siskinds is able to use technology to improve staff productivity, serve its clients in the most timely and efficient manner, and create competitive advantage. This is how Siskinds continues to show leadership in a changing world.

Full service law firm
No. of offices: 4
No. of attorneys: 80+
TitanFile client since: 2018
User adoption rate: 90%

The Challenge

Summary of Challenges

  • Lawyers and their support staff required IT assistance to share file securely
  • Employees would sometimes resort to unsanctioned file sharing solutions
  • The IT team felt burdened with file-sharing demands

As the need for security and privacy around confidential information increased, Siskinds saw an opportunity to explore better ways to securely collaborate with its clients.

An older solution had been in place for several years where lawyers would regularly contact the IT helpdesk for support to simply exchange files with their clients. Several challenges became apparent as a result of lawyers not being able to accomplish these tasks on their own.

  • Time-sensitive file-sharing requests may slip or get delayed due to
    the high volume of helpdesk requests
  • End users may resort to using unsanctioned file sharing solutions
    because they presented less friction than contacting the helpdesk
    and waiting for assistance

The IT leadership team recognized an opportunity to improve the workflow by deploying a solution that had self-serve capability, essentially a solution that was so easy to use, it was like sending an email. The vision was to enable lawyers to work more efficiently and reduce the unnecessary burden on the IT helpdesk, while simultaneously addressing the potential security and privacy risks that resulted from a difficult-to-use solution.

The Solution

Siskinds conducted thorough research and compared various file sharing solutions available on the market. In the end, the leadership team chose TitanFile as the winning solution because it was an intuitive self-serve file sharing platform that would increase the agility of the firm by allowing staff to share files on their own without any compromise in security.

TitanFile was able to handle all use cases from simply sending large PDFs using the Outlook integration, to handling corporate transactions that required several parties to collaborate back and forth, to use cases in litigation where staff would need to send massive production packages that exceeded 50GB in size.

“The TitanFile platform was a one-stop shop for all of the firm’s file sharing needs” – Steve Mueller, CIO at Siskinds

Folder sharing with TitanFile

Highlights of the Winning Solution

  • Intuitive, self-serve platform for staff and clients
  • State-of-the-art security
  • Support for all file-sharing use cases

The Result

Lawyers and Support Staff

Summary of Results

  • 90% user adoption after one year
  • Increased law firm agility
  • Improved security and privacy for the firm and its clients
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Reduced burden on IT

Within a year of deploying TitanFile, 90% of Siskinds’ staff are now using the platform to share confidential information, internally and externally, on a regular basis. Over time, the usage has expanded beyond the firm’s legal professionals and into the operations and finance departments.

The success of the TitanFile deployment was indicated by four criteria:

1) Increased agility

Lawyers and their support staff have become more agile and saw quicker turnaround times while working with clients as a result of being able to, on-demand, share confidential files of any size on their own through TitanFile.

2) Improved security

TitanFile has become the defacto standard for staff when it comes to exchanging confidential files with clients. In addition, high staff adoption of the solution has improved the overall security posture of the firm and the use of unsanctioned solutions is no longer a concern.

3) Client-satisfaction

Siskinds’ clients have gained the confidence and peace of mind that their information is secure and protected, which was further enhanced with TitanFile’s two-factor authentication capabilities.

4) Reduced burden on IT

Siskinds staff are now able to send and receive files without contacting the IT helpdesk. As a result, the burden of facilitating file transfers has been lifted from the IT helpdesk, which enabled it to shift focus to more value-added tasks.

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