G2 Awards TitanFile as High Performer in Spring 2023 Report

TitanFile has experienced exponential growth and success in the past few years by consistently pushing the boundaries of security and compliance within the file-sharing industry. In addition to completing ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II compliance standards, their advanced access control features and large file transfer capabilities have served the legal, accounting, government, and healthcare industries with cutting-edge technology for every use case.

As a result, TitanFile continues to sweep the board this awards season. In May, TitanFile won the prestigious ILTA Solution Provider of the Year award, a testament to TitanFile’s commitment to delivering innovative and practical solutions that meet the unique needs of the legal industry. Now, TitanFile has been recognized by G2 as a High Performer for Spring 2023 in the Managed File Transfer category for the third consecutive year!

What is G2?

G2 is the largest and most trusted source for reviews in the technology industry. G2 Crowd helps 60 million users each year make informed buying decisions based on data-driven insights and reports from authentic user reviews by product users and market trends. G2 provides one of the largest networks for consumers to review honest feedback and search for new industry-leading tools.

For businesses, awards based on performance, support, customer satisfaction and other criteria are awarded to companies that excel in each category. 

What Does the G2 High Performer Badge Mean?

Each quarter, the best-performing solutions with high customer satisfaction scores in their particular areas are given the High Performer label. The G2 High Performer Badge is given based on authentic consumer evaluations of a company’s goods, services, and general user experience. To determine the winners, G2’s algorithm ranks products aggregated from social media and online sources as well as G2 user feedback. As a result, reliable business solutions are awarded and being recognized is an honour.

TitanFile is a top-rated file-sharing software solution that serves as a “one-stop-shop” for all secure file-sharing use cases, according to the G2 High Performer Spring 2023 Report. For highly regulated businesses, TitanFile is known as a cloud-based solution that enhances file sharing, client collaboration, and advanced security.

The G2 High Performer badge is a symbol of trustworthiness and exemplifies TitanFile’s commitment to its outstanding product and customer experience. When it comes to customers, TitanFile strives to go above and beyond and the award is a reflection of this effort. That is why TitanFile is currently rated 9.3 in ease of set-up, 9.4 in quality of support, and 8.9 for ease of use. 

*Averages for these categories, respectively, are 8.7, 8.8, 8.2

Key Features TitanFile Users Love

Many organizations in the legal, finance, accounting, government and healthcare industries use TitanFile to securely send and receive large files and collaborate with clients all in one centralized workspace. TitanFile offers several features that help enhance business processes – across all industries, these are the features that users love most:

1) Large File Transfer

A significant challenge for professionals in highly regulated industries is the ability to transfer large files securely. USBs and email have been the predominant methods of file transfer for years but either lack security or have file size limitations (in the case of emails, it’s both). TitanFile allows users to upload gigabytes worth of data. In 2022, the largest package of files sent in a single message was 500 GB and you bet they were uploaded with the highest upload speeds on the market!

If you’re settled with email, TitanFile’s Outlook integration allows you to send encrypted emails and bypass email file size limitations with the click of a button.

2) Advanced Security and Compliance

Uploading confidential documents online automatically makes them susceptible to cyberattacks. That’s why users love file-sharing with TitanFile. The software uses state-of-the-art security to ensure documents are protected the moment they are uploaded; Files are automatically encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption in transit, at rest, and end-to-end. 

Additionally, TitanFile is compliant with ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR and more. As a CPA, Government Agent or Healthcare professional, it’s important to comply with federal laws and regulations while managing client data. With TitanFile, users can rest assured that documents managed on the platform automatically meet these compliance standards.

3) Audit Logs

How can you prove documents were received by the intended recipient? Audit logs. With TitanFile’s audit log feature, users can view detailed, time-stamped records of when documents were uploaded, received, and accessed down to the minute. TitanFile users can also generate a report with every use case to support their claims. 

What TitanFile Users Are Saying via G2 Reviews

It does what it says it does, and it works! Too many companies are claiming to do 100 things but don’t get 1 of them right. This company says that it delivers secure communications and it does just that. It’s quite refreshing.Review collected by and hosted on G2.com – Charles, CPA

“This encrypted software solution is easy enough that my less-than-savvy clients know how to use it” – Matthew, P.

“It takes document sharing to a new level” – Kristina, J.

“Titan File created a seamless transition for secure file transfers in my business. Their support team has also been very helpful. The features in the program (especially emailing and creating folders) come in very handy.” – Anjola, T.

Easy to use, inspires confidence.” – Bill J.


G2 Awards are important to current and potential clients because it provides social proof and reassures consumers that software is trustworthy. Fun fact, 92% of consumers will not purchase from a company that does not have a trust badge. As a result, earning the High Performer award for Spring 2023 is a great privilege for our team here at TitanFile.

We would like to thank everyone who has left us a positive review and continue to support our services. Your experiences motivate our team to work harder and continue developing features that matter. We hope that our solution has given your business as much success as you have for us. Let’s continue to make 2023 great!

Want to decide for yourself? See why TitanFile was awarded as a High Performer Spring 2023 with a 15-day free trial (no credit card necessary).