How Law Firms Address All File Sharing Use Cases with TitanFile – Siskinds Case Study

Every law firm’s reputation is built on how well it delivers legal services to its clients. Among these services, a large component involves the  exchange of confidential documents and other files.

Depending on the practice area, attorneys and their support staff are frequently exchanging files of varying volumes, types, and sizes. Some examples include sending or receiving:

  • PDF files that are simply too big to go through email
  • Hundreds of sub folders and files during a corporate transaction
  • and big production files that are sometimes exceeding 50GB

If you don’t have a secure file sharing solution that supports all of your firm’s use cases, your firm may face many challenges:

  • Lawyers and their support staff require IT assistance to share file securely
  • Employees sometimes resort to unsanctioned file sharing solutions
  • The IT team feels burdened with file-sharing demands

It’s important that your attorneys and support staff have self-serve access to a secure file sharing solution that enables them to work more efficiently and continue to deliver top-level services to clients.

In 2018, Siskinds LLP adopted TitanFile as the one-stop shop for all of the firm’s file-sharing needs. Since then, the firm has noticed increased agility in the delivery of legal services to clients, improved security, higher client satisfaction, and a reduced burden on the IT team.

“If you’re looking for a secure file sharing solution with self-serve capability and a focus towards increasing the agility of the business, TitanFile ticks those boxes.”

– Steven Mueller, CIO at Siskinds

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