Look Forward to New TitanFile Features

We’re pleased to announce that TitanFile will soon implement a number of new features.

Many of these updates create a more enjoyable user experience. Others further solidify TitanFile as a secure file sharing leader.

Here is a look at the new features:

Browser Encryption

To offer a more secure user experience, TitanFile has implemented browser encryption by leveraging the power of the new HTML5 Cryptography API standard.

This extra layer of security is supported by all major browsers, and is a form of client-side encryption.

Without having to download or install an additional program, a user’s browser will encrypt files before they’re sent through TitanFile. TitanFile neither accesses nor manages the browser’s encryption keys. Client-side encryption also ensures users themselves are the only ones who can access their files.

In addition, browser encryption keeps users’ files safe in the rare event that a document sharing service is compromised.

Please note that this feature is available upon request.

Click here to read more about client-side encryption.

French Interface

For organizations that operate across Canada – and especially ones based in Quebec or New Brunswick – an optional French user interface ensures each employee can confidently use software.

TitanFile is proud to offer this feature, allowing organizations with a Canadian national presence to securely share important files.

Shared Contact List

TitanFile users have always had private contact lists. Other users cannot access or modify these lists.

Now, administrators can define contact lists that are shared across their organizations. A shared contact list will appear alongside each user’s private contacts.

This feature simplifies the process of managing an organization’s core contacts, with whom each user must communicate.

Take a law firm as an example. Perhaps the administrator wants to create a shared contact list made up of the firm’s partners. Instead of users manually adding and removing partners as they come and go, the administrator can manage this information in a central location.

In addition, new users will be automatically added to the shared contact list. When administrators delete users, they will also be instantly removed from the list.

If administrators do not wish to use this feature, they have the option of disabling it.

Contact Groups

The ability to create contact groups will soon be a TitanFile feature. From their private lists, users will be able to drag and drop contacts into designated group folders.

This simplifies the process of creating Channels. Instead of individually adding the same contacts to different channels, users can add an entire group at once.

Minor Features

As well as these major improvements, TitanFile will soon introduce minor features.

  • Mute Notifications

Users will have the ability to mute notifications from channels.

  • Add a User’s Organization

There will be a field to input a user’s organization when adding him or her.

When trying to find someone in their contact lists, users will also have the option to search by organization as well as name and email address.

  • Edit User Info

Administrators will soon be able to freely edit user information. They will no longer have to delete and re-add users or contact TitanFile support to fix mistakes.

  • Password Policy

For Enterprise class users, TitanFile requires a minimum amount of characters when creating a password. Users must also include a number, as well as a mix of upper and lower case letters.

If a password is mistyped numerous times when logging in, TitanFile will lock out the user for 30 minutes. When users reset their login credentials, they can’t use any of their previous four passwords again.

New Live Features

The following features are recent additions to TitanFile, and are already live:

  • Upload Progress

When uploading a large file, users have always seen a progress bar. The upload speed, percentage, and estimated completion time are now visible.

  • Fast Uploads for Large Files

TitanFile programmers have modified the platform’s backend to better accommodate large files, as many users upload documents that approach 10 GB. Users can now upload them much faster.

We hope you enjoy these features and, as a result, continue to enjoy TitanFile.

>>With secure servers in Canada, the U.S., and Europe, TitanFile helps organizations keep shared files private and comply with regulatory and jurisdictional requirements. Contact us today to learn more.

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