TitanFile in 2013: Looking back

Looking back on the last 365 days can be over whelming.

If TitanFile was a rebellious teenager, 2013 was the year of maturity. From our humble beginnings, we have experienced highs, lows, and everything in betweens; you name it – we’ve gone through it and come out on the other side, with our amazing customers standing by us. 2013 Was a momentous time in TitanFile’s history; we grew as a company in many different ways, but let us not be so hasty; let’s rewind to the start of the year.

January found us exhibiting at LegalTech – “The most important legal event of the year”. This conference gave us new insight on our market, “we learned that bigger law firms see value in solutions that have a focus on external client communication” said Victor Abou-Assaleh, Business Development.

This knowledge drove development in a different direction than we had been heading in before and as a result, in May of 2013 we released our first iteration of the Secure Deposit Box, a brandable online repository for our customer’s external clients.

This release gave our company some momentum and in October we produced a whole suite of Enterprise features, effectively reinventing TitanFile as a product.

In December, TitanFile was invited to a program run by the C100 group called 48 Hours in the Valley, where we got to meet with investors and show off our product with spectacular results!

Photo Credit: Kris Krug


Topping the year off with a huge partnership deal with Hitachi Solutions America, a leader in cloud security, to create a more secure system with enhanced user controls as well as mobile capabilities, and we were absolutely set.

2013 was a whirlwind and 2014 is going to be even better! We are living now, what will one day be history. Stay tuned for TitanFile’s next chapter.

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