Train your Employees for SMB Online Security Success

Your employees are vital to the success of your organization. They’re responsible for providing exceptional customer service, handling support questions, building marketing campaigns and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders. And in many cases, your employees are using the Internet to complete the majority of these tasks.

Why training?
While online activity at businesses is increasing, the training required to ensure safe usage isn’t. Help your employees protect themselves and your business. Instead of assuming that your employees are staying up to date on the latest news about phishing schemes, credit card fraud, workplace security and data leaks and breaches, take the time to provide cybersecurity training. Training helps fill the knowledge gaps within your workplace, and gives your employees the confidence they need to recognize problems and either fix or report them, as necessary.

Develop a plan
Developing a training plan is not a one size fits all exercise. Just because something worked for one group doesn’t mean it will be a monumental success somewhere else. Different organizations will be receptive to different methods. Your plan should cater to the strengths and weaknesses of those involved in the sessions.

That’s why it’s important to get a feel for not only what your employees would like (and need) to learn, but also how they prefer to get their information. For some, information sheets are the best way to get their attention – they can take them back to their desks and review them when needed. Others prefer hands on learning workshops where they get the opportunity to test their abilities. For some both tactics are required to allow the information to really sink in. The bottom line is that it’s worthwhile to take the time and learn what works best for your group. Don’t let your cybersecurity training fall on deaf ears because you chose the wrong method.

No matter what format you choose, you won’t regret educating your employees on the topic of cybersecurity. As a business, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. One security breach can have a largely negative impact on your business – protect yourself before it’s too late.

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